Series: Performing Celebrity

Series Editor

Laura Engel, Duquesne University
Author of Fashioning Celebrity: Eighteenth-Century British Actresses and Strategies for Image Making

Editorial Advisory Board

  • Steph Burt, Harvard University
  • Elaine McGirr, University of Bristol
  • Judith Pascoe, Florida State University
  • Joseph Roach, Yale University
  • Emily Rutter, Ball State University
  • David Francis Taylor, University of Warwick
  • Mary Trull, St. Olaf College

Performing Celebrity, a new book series from the University of Delaware Press, publishes single-authored monographs and essay collections that explore the dynamics of fame, infamy, and technologies of image making from the early modern period to the present day. This series of books seeks to add to exciting recent developments in the emerging field of celebrity studies by publishing outstanding works that explore mechanisms of self-fashioning, stardom, and notoriety operating across genres and media in a broad range of historical and national contexts. It focuses on interdisciplinary projects that employ current research and a wide variety of theoretical approaches to performance and celebrity in relation to literature, history, art history, media, fashion, theater, gender(s), sexuality, race, ethnicity, disability, material culture, etc.

For more information or to submit a manuscript or proposal, please contact series editor Dr. Laura Engel at