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Global Enlightenment and Religion

The University of Delaware Press is pleased to announce the launch of its new series Global Enlightenment and Religion Series Editor: Paul E. Kerry, Brigham Young University Editorial Advisory Board Humberto Garcia (University of California Merced) Ulrich Lehner (Notre Dame University) Tomoko Masuzawa (University of Michigan) Jan Stievermann, Heidelberg University Brian Young, University of Oxford […]

Material Culture Perspectives

Series Editors Martin Brückner, University of Delaware Sandy Isenstadt, University of Delaware Editorial Advisory Board Wendy Bellion, University of Delaware Sarah Anne Carter, University of Wisconsin-Madison Cynthia Falk, SUNY Oneonta Bernard Herman, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Steve Lubar, Brown University Julie McGee, University of Delaware Catherine Whalen, Bard College Chloe Wigston Smith, University […]

Studies in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Art and Culture

A Series Published by the University of Delaware Press Series Editor Sarah R. Cohen, University at Albany, State University of New York Series Advisory Board Wendy Bellion, University of Delaware Martha Hollander, Hofstra University William Pressly, University of Maryland Amelia Rauser, Franklin and Marshall College Michael Yonan, University of Missouri

Performing Celebrity

Series Editor Laura Engel, Duquesne University Author of Fashioning Celebrity: Eighteenth-Century British Actresses and Strategies for Image Making Editorial Advisory Board Steph Burt, Harvard University Elaine McGirr, University of Bristol Judith Pascoe, Florida State University Joseph Roach, Yale University Emily Rutter, Ball State University David Francis Taylor, University of Warwick Mary Trull, St. Olaf College […]

John Cabot University Press

A Series Published by the University of Delaware Press John Cabot University Press, Rome, seeks to provide a bridge between European and American culture. This series brings to the attention of the English-speaking academic world important contributions to debates, activities, and research taking place in Italy. It also publishes works originating on both sides of […]

Early Modern Feminisms

Series Editor Robin Runia, Xavier University of Louisiana, editor of The Future of Feminist Eighteenth-Century Scholarship: Beyond Recovery Editorial Advisory Board Jennifer Airey- University of Tulsa Susan Carlile- California State University Karen Gevirtz – Seton Hall University Mona Narain – Texas Christian University Carmen Nocentelli- University of New Mexico Jodi Wyett – Xavier University Paula Backscheider- […]

The Early Modern Exchange

Series General Editors: Gary Ferguson, University of Virginia, author of Same-Sex Marriage in Renaissance Rome: Sexuality, Identity, and Community in Early Modern Europe Meredith K. Ray, University of Delaware, author of Daughters of Alchemy: Women and Scientific Culture in Early Modern Italy The Early Modern Exchange publishes studies of European literature and culture (c. 1450-1700) exploring connections across […]