Series: Global Enlightenment and Religion

The University of Delaware Press is pleased to announce the launch of its new series

Global Enlightenment and Religion

Series Editor: Paul E. Kerry, Brigham Young University

Editorial Advisory Board

Humberto Garcia (University of California Merced)
Ulrich Lehner (Notre Dame University)
Tomoko Masuzawa (University of Michigan)
Jan Stievermann, Heidelberg University
Brian Young, University of Oxford
Owen Anderson, Arizona State University
Stephanie Barclay, Notre Dame University
Michael Breidenbach, Ave Maria University
Catherine Brekus, Harvard University
Anthea Butler, University of Pennsylvania
Ruth Jackson Ravenscroft, University of Cambridge
Wilson Moses, Penn State University
Joel Rasmussen, University of Oxford
Isabel Rivers, Queen Mary University of London
Jonathan Sheehan, UC Berkeley
David Sorkin, Yale University

Global Enlightenment and Religion, a new book series from the University of Delaware Press, explores the relationship between religion and Enlightenment from the mid-seventeenth through the early nineteenth centuries. This series highlights research nested in the history of ideas, intellectual history, theology and religious studies, political thought, literature and the arts, and is open to a variety of methodologies and theoretical perspectives, especially those from comparative and interdisciplinary frames of reference. It aims to contribute to the growing body of scholarship that acknowledges that Enlightenment and religion were not necessarily opposed but could mutually inform and complement one another.

For further information, or to submit a manuscript or proposal, please contact series editor Dr. Paul E. Kerry at

Books in this Series