Submission Guidelines

Authors/editors wishing to submit a manuscript to the University of Delaware Press should first submit a proposal that describes the manuscript in some detail. All proposal materials should be addressed to:

Julia Oestreich
Director, University of Delaware Press








200A Morris Library
181 South College Avenue
Newark, DE 19717-5267 USA

Proposals should include a letter of introduction, updated curriculum vitae, and a prospectus. You may also choose to include a sample chapter. The prospectus should include:

  1. A description of the proposed book’s content and scope. (2–3 pp)
  2. An argument for the book’s significance or exigency: How will your book contribute to scholarly conversation? What other key texts does it engage, build upon and/or argue with? Whom do you imagine your audience[s] to be? (2–3 pp)
  3. An annotated table of contents or chapter outline, which should include an estimated length for each chapter and a notation of desired illustrations. If the book includes significant front or back matter such as appendices or a glossary, then please include a description of those as well. (2–4 pp)
  4. If you plan to include illustrations, please provide an estimate of the number and type of proposed illustrations (i.e., black-and-white photographs, line drawings, color images, maps).
  5. For edited collections, please also include information about each of the contributors and identify any chapters that have been previously published.
  6. If the manuscript you are sending us was originally your doctoral dissertation, please discuss how you have developed the project since receiving the Ph.D. and identify specific revisions. We do not publish unrevised dissertations.
  7. An estimated schedule for completion. How far along are you in the research and writing? When do you expect to have a complete manuscript?

If interested in evaluating the work, we will encourage you to send us a print and an electronic copy of your completed manuscript. Upon receipt, we will send your work for review to two scholars in the field. Once we have received their appraisals of the manuscript we will present their recommendations to the Board of Editors, who will decide whether to pursue publication. The University of Delaware Press does not evaluate manuscripts under consideration elsewhere.

Please note that the University of Delaware Press employs the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition, in copyediting all manuscripts. Authors/editors should consult the sections of the manual dealing with notes, bibliographies, and indexes. We require the use of endnotes. All manuscripts must be double-spaced throughout, including endnotes and bibliography. We cannot accept manuscripts prepared using the MLA style sheet.