Women Warriors in Early Modern Spain: A Tribute to Bárbara Mujica

Cover: Women Warriors in Early Modern Spain: A Tribute to Bárbara Mujica
Susan L. Fischer and Frederick A. de Armas

June 2019 • ISBN 978-1-64453-015-3 • $102.95

June 2019 • ISBN 978-1-64453-016-0 • $44.95

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The Early Modern Exchange

Although scholars often depict early modern Spanish women as victims, history and fiction of the period are filled with examples of women who defended their God-given right to make their own decisions and to define their own identities. The essays in Women Warriors in Early Modern Spain examine many such examples, demonstrating how women battled the status quo, defended certain causes, challenged authority, and broke barriers. Such women did not necessarily engage in masculine pursuits, but often used cultural production and engaged in social subversion to exercise resistance in the home, in the convent, on stage, or at their writing desks.

About the Editors

Susan L. Fischer, Professor Emerita of Spanish and Comparative Literature at Bucknell University, is the author of Reading Performance: Spanish Golden-Age Theatre and Shakespeare on the Modern Stage.

Frederick A. de Armas is Andrew W. Mellon Distinguished Service Professor in the Humanities, Spanish Literature, and Comparative Literature at the University of Chicago and the author of Don Quixote Among the Saracens: A Clash of Civilizations and Literary Genres.

Reviews of 'Women Warriors in Early Modern Spain: A Tribute to Bárbara Mujica'

Each of the essays in this volume adds a nuanced study of women as dramatic subjects, as actors and producers of theatre, as writers, and as subjects of biographical fiction…Each author makes a short nod to Bárbara Mujica and her indelible contribution to the fields of Spanish literature, theater, Teresian studies, and historical fiction, but they all go on to add their own contributions to these fields.

Any scholar, whether they be seasoned, or still in graduate school, will enjoy this book.
- Sarah Owens, College of Charleston, author of Women Navigating the Spanish Empire
While these essays were gathered to honor a woman whose life’s work has been essential to our understanding of early modern women in Spain, this volume also makes a convincing case for its existence as more than a tribute to a beloved scholar and writer.
- Elizabeth Franklin Lewis, University of Mary Washington