The Philadelawareans and Other Essays Relating to Delaware

Cover: The Philadelawareans and Other Essays Relating to Delaware
John A. Munroe

July 2004 • ISBN 978-1611492545 • $100.00

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Cultural Studies of Delaware and the Eastern Shore

This volume presents a varied sampling of the author’s writings from the past sixty years, along with some previously unpublished materials. It begins with a long prologue that the author calls a literary autobiography, and this story is continued and amplified in introductory notes that accompany each of the following items. The first essay provides a title for the book and also a subordinate theme, the relationship between Delaware and the city of Philadelphia. This theme reappears in many guises in the background of other items as, for example, in a summary of New Castle’s history, in an investigation of an experiment in nonresident representation in Congress, and in explanation of the unique importance of an early Wilmington collector of customs. In the last essay, previously unpublished, the relationship is personalized in a reminiscence contributing to the autobiographical theme with which the book began. Illustrated.

About the Author
John A. Munroe is H. Rodney Sharp Emeritus Professor of History at the University of Delaware.