Shakespeare without Boundaries: Essays in Honor of Dieter Mehl

Cover: Shakespeare without Boundaries: Essays in Honor of Dieter Mehl
Christa Jansohn, Lena Cowen Orlin and Stanley Wells

Catherine M. S. Alexander, Catherine Belsey, David Bevington, Piero Boitani, Alan Brissenden, Ann Jennalie Cook, Paul Edmondson, R. A. Foakes, Brian Gibbons, Marta Gibinska, Werner Habicht, Peter Holland, Grace Ioppolo, Christa Jansohn, Chee-Seng Lim, Martin Orkin, Lena Cowen Orlin, Adrian Poole, Phyllis Rackin, Hugh Macrae Richmond, Velma Bourgeois Richmond, Alexander Shurbanov, Bruce R. Smith, Ann Thompson, John Thompson, Jesus Tronch, Stanley Wells, and Georgianna Ziegler

December 2010 • ISBN 978-1-64453-156-3 • $150.00

December 2010 • ISBN 978-1-64453-157-0 • $62.00

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Shakespeare without Boundaries: Essays in Honor of Dieter Mehl offers a wide-ranging collection of essays written by an international team of distinguished scholars who attempt to define, to challenge, and to erode boundaries that currently inhibit understanding of Shakespeare, and to exemplify how approaches that defy traditional bounds of study and criticism may enhance understanding and enjoyment of a dramatist who acknowledged no boundaries in art.

The Volume is published in tribute to Professor Dieter Mehl, whose critical and scholarly work on authors from Chaucer through Shakespeare to D. H. Lawrence has transcended temporal and national boundaries in its range and scope, and who, as Ann Jennalie Cook writes, has contributed significantly to the erasure of political boundaries that have endangered the unity of German literary scholarship and, more broadly, through his work for the International Shakespeare Association, to the globalization of Shakespeare studies.

About the Editors

Christa Jansohn is Professor of British Culture and Director of the Centre for British Studies at the University of Bamberg.

Lena Cowen Orlin is Professor of English at Georgetown University and Executive Director of the Shakespeare Association of America.

Stanley Wells is Emeritus Professor and Honorary Fellow of The Shakespeare Institute and Chairman of The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.