New Essays on Samuel Johnson: Revaluation

Cover: New Essays on Samuel Johnson: Revaluation
Anthony W. Lee

Anthony W. Lee, Greg Clingham, Thomas M. Curley, Emily C. Friedman, Katherine Kickel, Lynda Mugglestone, John Richetti, Adam Rounce, Steven Scherwatzky, John Sitter, Paul Tankard

October 2018 • ISBN 978-1611496789 • $111.00

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New Essays on Samuel Johnson: Revaluation is a collection of essays by various hands that examines its point of focus, the inexhaustible English author Samuel Johnson, from a variety of different critical perspectives. The book simultaneously interrogates particular texts (such as the Dictionary, the Lives of the Poets) alongside general themes (such as Johnson and intertextuality, Johnson and autobiography). The word “revaluation” from the title connotes both the deployment of specifically au courant approaches—viewing, for example, Johnson in relation to climate change, or Johnson and the notion of “osmology”—as well as more general reflections upon Johnson’s importance to our present cultural and temporal moment.

About the Editor

Anthony W. Lee is Visiting Professor of English at Arkansas Tech University. He is the author of Dead Masters: Mentoring and Intertextuality in Samuel Johnson (2011) and Mentoring Relationships in the Life and Writings of Samuel Johnson: A Study in the Dynamics of Eighteenth-Century Literary Mentoring (2005), and he has edited numerous volumes, including A “Clubbable Man”: Essays on Eighteenth-Century Literature in Honor of Greg Clingham (2022), “Modernity Johnson”: Samuel Johnson Among the Modernists (2019), and Community and Solitude: New Essays on Johnson’s Circle: Transits: Literature, Thought & Culture1650-1850 (2019).