French Cultural Studies for the Twenty-First Century

Cover: French Cultural Studies for the Twenty-First Century
Masha Belenky, Kathryn Kleppinger and Anne O'Neil-Henry

March 2017 • ISBN 978-1611496376 • $95.00

June 2019 • ISBN 978-1611496390 • $39.99

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French Cultural Studies for the Twenty-First Century brings together current scholarship on a diverse range of topics—from French postcards and Third Republic menus to Haitian literary magazines and representation of race in vaudeville theater—in order to provide methodological insight into the current practice of French cultural studies. The essays in the volume show how scholars of French studies can effectively analyze what we term “non-traditional sources” in their historical and geographical contexts. In doing so, the volume offers a compelling vision of the field today and maps out potential paradigms for future research. This book builds upon previous scholarship that defined the stakes of using an interdisciplinary approach to analyze cultural objects from France and Francophone regions and aims to evaluate the current state of this complex and constantly evolving field and its current methodological practices.

About the Author
Masha Belenky is associate professor of French at the George Washington University.

Kathryn Kleppinger is assistant professor of French and Francophone Studies at The George Washington University.

Anne O’Neil-Henry is assistant professor of French at Georgetown University.